Pedro Nonay

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Pedro Nonay

Global commodity markets expert

Pedro Nonay has 36 years of experience in the global commodity markets. As an entrepreneur he ran the leading agro-commodities company in the Dead Sea region. He previously had been a member of the Global Executive Group and CEO for EMEA (Europe, Black Sea, North Africa, Middle East and Africa) for Louis Dreyfus Company. He worked for 20 years at Cargill. His relationship with Tarragona is personal, since he was little and as an Aragonese he spent his summers in the province and professionally within Cargill he led cereal imports and the management of SAT.

He is currently a panelist and speaker at multiple Congresses and Universities, columnist and co-author of “Thinking 2020”. He is a member of the board of several companies and sponsor of volunteer associations on 3 continents.