Gonzalo Bernardos

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Gonzalo Bernardos

Professor of Economics at the UB / Analyst and economic consultant

Economics Expert

Director of the Master’s Degree in Real Estate Consulting, Management and Promotion.

Professor of the Department of Economics of the UB.

Professor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

EDEM Guest Professor.

PhD in Economics from the University of Barcelona (1994).

Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona.

Vice Chancellor of Economy of the UB (January 2020 – October 2012).

Commissioner of Economic Resources (November 2008 – December 2009).

Creator and Director of the Real Estate and Construction Studies Graduate (March 1994 – July 2000).

Award for Best Real Estate Market Analyst (Inmoscopy 2016).

Regular contributor to Crónica Global and occasional contributor to El Confidencial.

Regular collaborator of the television programs Al Rojo Vivo, Más Vale Tarde and La Sexta Noche (La Sexta), El Programa de Ana Rosa (Tele 5), Tot Es Mou (TV3) and Ben Trobats (La Xarxa).

He has published 34 books and has given 502 conferences on Real Estate Economics, Spanish and International, Strategy and Business Management and Financial Investment.